After many successful years in ship sales and purchase together with consolidated relationship with ship owners, charterers, operators, trading companies, shippers...., as well as worldwide reliable broker channels, we strongly believe that we will deliver most reasonable and best services to our clients and partners.

With corporate slogan “Trust” is the first priority, our clients and partners network have been being expanded prosperously worldwide. Moreover, we’re well aware of improving and mastering our knowledge to the most up-to-date to make sure that our information to clients are promptest and most reliable. We also strongly believe that services delivered to clients are at top quality and prestige.

Our team of profession, enthusiasm and solid experience are always ready to provide various services to clients including voyage charter, trip time charter, time charter period, bareboat charter. We’re the brokers for many kinds of ships such as bulker, general cargo ship, multi-purpose ship, container, tanker, tug, barge and other specialized ones. Additionally, we’re also brokers for a variety of goods including but not limited to dry cargoes such as steel, slag, coal, cement, clinker, tapioca, rice and other agricultural products, silica sand, feldspar, fertilizers, projects and oil products, chemical, bitumen or LPG.

For chartering requests, kindly feel free to email us at any time via:

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    Mobile: 0987 328 291

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